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Ruth Levine


Ruth Levine is a Sydney based mixed media and textile artist who is passionate about the exploration of textures and the perception and tactile responses of 3D artwork through the visual transformation of materials.


Better known as the award winning interior designer and Director of Ruth Levine Interior Design with over 30 years experience in the world of interior design, Ruth has now translated her love for textures, fabric and form into sculptural and usable artwork.  The artworks exemplify Ruth’ s design philosophy of  balancing the smooth , sleek and perfect with  handmade pieces to give the home  a sense of history  + heart and is internationally collected.

instagram @studiolevine 2022


Woodstock Lane (3rd garage door from left from Flood Lane) Bondi Junction

Ruth Levine 'Being and memories' 450 diam x 300 h, canvas, upcycled sheeting textiles, str
Ruth Levine 'Bop for Kerouac' 360 diam x 300 h twice recycled sheeting, string, acrylic pa
Ruth Levine 'Phoenix knitted speaks' 350 diam x 250 h, paper,string_edited.jpg
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