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Derryn Tal



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I am a multidisciplinary artist, encompassing different art forms in new & unusual ways.

I am a lover of experimentation, exploring all mediums, conventional & unconventional, mixing, matching, reacting. The concept of change is my motivation.

Scale excites me, from large artworks to miniature wearable art pieces. My painting techniques inspire my jewellery, my jewellery techniques inspire my installations & art.

My art is my drug, when I create, I literally can feel the blood flowing through my veins….


5A Strickland St

Rose Bay

Derryn Tal. Untitled Detail. Mixed Media on canvas with float frame 150 x 200cm IMG_6561-1
Derryn Tal Jewellery IMG_1981-1.jpg
Derryn Tal. Untitled Detail Mixed Media on canvas with float frame  140cm x 185cm IMG_6553
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