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Gillian Hodes

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I work in three dimensions, making sculptural and functional forms out of clay, bronze and felt.


I spent many years in the corporate world, working inside my head and on computers, creating documents and analysing numbers.  Now I work from my heart, and I love using my hands to sculpt directly into the materials that I work with.


A fascination with contrasts, in both the physical and the intangible realms plays out in my work in porcelain and felt:  hard vs soft, ephemeral vs permanent, transparent vs solid, rough vs smooth. I am drawn to the tension between the cool, hard smoothness of porcelain and the tactile, warm texture of felt.  My current body of work has emerged from my meditation on these opposites.
instagram @gillianhodesart
+61 417 461 137
47 Lancaster Rd,
Dover Heights
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