Nicole Sacks

I'm painting My Room in the Colourfull W

As we stand on the cusp of the digital era, I find myself fascinated by technology and what it can mean for creativity.  My work is about this interaction between art and technology.


My creative process involves collaboration with technology. I select an image and digitally alter it multiple times. The resulting images are then cropped and recombined via collage, creating an image that is both human and digitally inspired. Additionally, by then translating these into oil on canvas another level of the ‘human” touch is added.

The process, itself, of adding and subtracting digitally distorted imagery, makes me question to what extent, technology can be involved in our lives or whether digitally imposed aesthetics might one day supercede human inspiration?”


Additionally, digital manipulation adds an unpredictable, abstract element, which I find endlessly exciting. This combination of abstraction and realism is where my artistic heart lies. I can now continue to be inspired by a diverse range of my favourite artists and styles, knowing my art has a place for them all.

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Instagram: nicole_sacks

128 Clyde St

North Bondi

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