Heidi Melamed


1 Chris Bang Crescent





This year my interest lies in the ‘shadow as the subject’ rather than the original source object. The shadow has become an increasingly independent element in my work as well as continuing to explore the use of color, layering, overlapping and transparency, an ongoing preoccupation.

Junichiro Tanizaki, an award winning Japanese writer of literature, articulates his concern that ‘beauty is found not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides’. This quotation encapsulates the essence of my current work practice.

Rather than construct Perspex sculptures as I did in 2012, I commissioned two independent florists to make a floral arrangement in a traditional Japanese Ikebana style. I photographed the interesting shadows that were cast from these arrangements onto the walls and ceilings generated by the use of colored lights.


The resulting photographs are ambiguous, abstract landscapes that hint at recognizable shapes of flora and foliage. The subject matter is indeterminate and the images possess a dreamlike quality. The use of color, translucency and transparency contribute to a sense of mystery, evocation and poetic drama.

In exploring different ways to represent the shadow using reflection and different surfaces, these photographs are printed on a variety of reflective materials:


1. Direct print onto Aluminum

2. Lightjet digital photographic print onto metallic paper

3. Lightjet digital photographic print onto FujiClear and then mounted onto:

    a. mirror, and b. face mounted onto Perspex box frame.


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