Anna Douglass

My passion for jewelry is inspired by my work as an interior decorator. I find that the tactile nature of jewelry making is both meditative and rewarding. Decorating a home is about proportion, layering, style, colour and texture. This informs my jewelry collections which /reflect these elements/ are organic, textured and layered. Each piece is made with care and intuition.


I work with silver, paper, beach pebbles, wood and sea glass, all manner of haberdashery - leather, string, cord and sometimes fabric and lace.

I make many of the paper beads used in my work and many of the silver beads too; I knit and crochet with leather and silk, string or cord – together, or not, sometimes with silver or not!


Silver is my passion and forms the biggest part of my design aesthetic. I use silver in the forms of Silver Clay, Sterling silver wire and sheet. Silver clay is pure silver suspended in an organic compound, which I hand mold into shapes that I love. I then fire these shapes to draw out the pure silver after which many hours are spent polishing them until the finished product immerges.



I like to think of my jewelry as - organic, a little quirky, hand made with a sense of playfulness but most of all individual and contemporary. They are all unique!

5A Strickland St

Rose Bay